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The following posts have been curated to reflect some reputable non-profits and organizations working to aid communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, and this list will be updated periodically. These posts also include links to donate, as well as links to each organization's respective Charity Navigator profiles. Charity Navigator is the largest site dedicated to independently assessing charities on their reputability and associated factors. The list of organizations we have provided is by no means complete, but Charity Navigator has compiled a directory of the top non-profits raising funds for COVID-19 relief. This directory has been separated into distinct categories, and are as follows:

  • Medical Services: Partnering with medical teams to combat COVID-19

  • Health and Medical Relief Supplies: Providing much-needed medical supplies to hospitals and health facilities

  • Cross-Categorical: Providing much-needed assistance across multiple areas

  • Funding Local Organizations: Partnering with local organizations to ensure communities across the country have the resources and support they need

  • Education and Awareness: Raising awareness of ways to prevent COVID-19 and how to cope with the stress it's causing.

  • Community Support Relief Supplies: Supporting the safety nets of our society and protecting the most vulnerable.

To learn more, and to see Charity Navigator's complete list, please click here.

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