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Stimulating the Economy While Connecting With Your Community Safely


Stimulating the Local Economy While Keeping People Safe:

As businesses close to protect their employees and customers, many people are finding themselves in dire financial situations. For any open businesses, try to purchase a gift card online or via phone call. By doing this, you can continue to practice social distancing while also supporting your favorite businesses. 

Resource Toolkit for Businesses from the U.S Chamber of Commerce: 

If you are a small business owner, this resource toolkit compiled by the U.S Chamber of Commerce has a business preparedness plan, guidelines to protect employees and consumers, as well as other guidelines to navigate the coronavirus crisis. They even have a customizable template for a flyer that can be distributed to customers informing them of any change in policy due to COVID-19.

You can also find and contact your local Chambers of Commerce by clicking here to connect with other business owners and see what policies are being enacted in your area. 

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